IT Services

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Help your staff acheive their potential

Help when you need it

Give your staff a helping hand. Everyone runs into IT problems, and having a team behind you that can solve them quickly and proffesionally keeps morale high. 

Security conscious

In todays world, cyber threats are everywhere. That’s why we take cyber security into consideration when we design your network and provide you with support.


Network monitoring

Because we proactively monitor your network, we can see in real time it’s health and any activity that’s percieved to be malicious.  Stay ahead of the curve with Gopher.

What we do

We change the way you think about digital services.

With our people first approach, we’re able to enhance productivity within the workplace.  Enabling you to get on with the things that really matter; like running your business.


Working on an iPad in a coffee shop

3 steps to IT peace-of-mind


Step 1

Your technical account manager will listen to your needs and help you define the best plan-of-action to improve your IT and reduce your pain points.


Step 2

Execute the plan taking into consideration your timescale, employees and company needs. 


Step 3

Once everything is implemented, we’ll provide on-going support and maintain equipment and security so you can always be ahead of the game.

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What’s included in our service?

IT Services & Solutions

Business IT Support

Business IT Support

Printer Management

Printer Management

Information Management

Information Management

Cloud Services

Business Email & Calendar

Business Email & Calendar

Online Drive for Files OneDrive

Online Drive for Files

Office 365

Office 365

Bookings & Invoicing

Bookings & Invoice System

Automated off-site backups

Automated Off-site Backups

Office 365 Backup

Unlimited Backup for Office 365

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Cyber Security

Anti-virus Protection Bitdefender

Anti-virus Protection

Vade Email Security

Advanced Email Security

Secure Email Delivery

Secure Email Delivery Service

Telephony & Connectivity

Internet Phone System

Unified Internet Phone System

Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Follow me landline

Follow Me Landline

Conference Calling

Conference Calling

High speed broadband

High Speed Broadband


We’ll procure hardware on your behalf and apply any discounts we receive to help you with new equipment.