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Trusted Managed IT Support London

At Gopher, we understand that running a business takes up every minute of your day. However, one thing you can avoid worrying about is your IT infrastructure because we are ready and waiting to provide you with IT support in London that you can rely on.

As industry-leaders, we understand what it takes to stand out and that’s why we have a range of services that are designed to support your business. When your IT systems are up to speed, you can make decisions with confidence while ensuring your business is operating productively and efficiently.

Choose Gopher IT and We’ll Align with your Business

Whether you’re a small local business or a national business with a global reach, we have a range of managed support services that are designed to future-proof your business and help you cut through the crowd. Whether you have an in-house IT team or you need full support, we can help your business navigate the challenges that come with ensuring everything is working as it should.

With us, you’ll benefit from tailored business IT solutions that can help you cut through the noise and grow. The IT landscape is ever-changing, but we are a team of forward-thinkers and we are constantly adapting with the latest innovations. So, when you turn to us, you’ll benefit from our expertise, knowledge and commitment to you.

We will implement bespoke managed support services that will ensure your business is well-positioned and ready to compete. We understand that technology could be holding you back but we’re here to assist with issues while implementing solutions that give your business a clear route to IT success.

Managed IT Support London

We Take The Right Approach – It’s How We Work

We understand that many IT companies out there completely miss the mark when understanding the needs of their clients but we are different. We offer our London IT support by ensuring we gain a clear understanding of your business from top to bottom. We don’t avoid challenges because that’s what drives us and so, we find business IT solutions that get results.

Whether you’re seeking connectivity solutions, cloud services, IT services or cyber security solutions, we ensure that we do right by your business and your budget. To thrive in a modern, digital world it’s imperative that your business has the right London IT support and that’s where we stand out. Executing our range of managed support services, we can strengthen your business in many possible ways, taking it to the next level. What’s more, as we are eager to take advantage of the latest advances, you can trust us to ensure your business leads from the front.

As a highly reputable IT support company, we understand that performance counts for everything while having confidence in your IT solutions enables your business to evolve. That perfect blend of expertise and industry-leading solution adds value to your business and can help you save money too. If you invest in your IT infrastructure then it will take care of you and we are here to make sure that happens.

So, for managed IT support London, turn to Gopher because no other IT support company comes close.

What does Gopher IT Support do?

The short answer is: We provide solutions to your technology nightmares.

The longer answer: We help businesses of all sizes to plan and execute IT systems and infrastructure. We know that every company needs an IT system that’s customised to them. We work with you to define how the IT budget is spent and allocate where necessary.

IT is more than just computers, machines and cables running everywhere. IT needs to support your business at the level at you wish to operate. Price for performance. If a service doesn’t add value, then we don’t use it. Likewise, if there’s a service out there that will help save you countless hours each month, then we’ll look into it for you.

You can trust Gopher to be your trusted Managed IT support partner in London and provide you with the best expertise.

Need a reference? We’d be happy to let you speak to any of our clients directly.

  • SLAs Met 98% 98%
  • Client Satisfaction 100% 100%
  • Issues Resolved Within 24 Hours 95% 95%

Continued investment in your security


24/7 Monitoring of your network


Genuine interest in your business


Delivering peace-of-mind

Our clients know us best

See what our clients have to say about our work and the dynamic services we can offer.

Gopher IT have provided an excellent service to us over many years.As a charity, it is important that we have someone who is friendly, reliable and knowledgeable and we cannot fault this.
Partnership Manager
Gopher made things that seem complicated sound simple with deployment of our new network, server, terminal installation done effectively and efficiently.The aftercare support has been great also, with any issues sorted out quickly and hassle free!
I always come to Gopher for my IT support - for personal and business.They make things that seem complicated sound easy; they talk to you in real words and not 'tech speak'! I haven't had a problem that Gopher has not been able to resolve, and things are always sorted quickly and hassle free.Would recommend to anyone!

We Align Ourselves with Our Clients

It’s important that we always gain a clear indication of what every client requires. From small businesses to large businesses, they are all unique and that requires a structured approach and the right level of IT support London. We work closely with you and gain a clear understanding of your business, your current IT infrastructure and your goals. This allows us to become a part of your business and help you reach your target with the right solutions for your business.

We implement a bespoke range of solutions as well as managed IT support and technology to help turn your business into an efficient and streamlined machine. Technology is changing so we keep our fingers on the pulse, ensuring our clients can benefit from an IT support company that is always at the forefront of any advancements. This means that we take care of your business needs and implement an array of solutions that seamlessly fit around your needs but also the day-to-day running of your business. With the right IT solutions, you’ll have the scope to make informed decisions and grow your business the right way.

It’s About Taking the Right Approach

There are IT companies out there that will cut corners and implement quick fixes without considering the consequences but we are different. Our managed IT support is designed for every business, and with our expertise, we can help your business realise its potential. It’s more than just IT solutions because it’s also about our experience and expertise, all of which work together. Through active management, analysis and research, we can identify what will work and what won’t work, giving your business even more opportunities to break away from the pack.

We provide a wealth of IT support services because one solution doesn’t fit all. So, whether you are looking to improve network efficiency or implement cloud solutions we are with you. You might want to tighten your security while ensuring all of your data is backed up correctly. Whatever you are looking for, we can step in, step up and ensure your business has the solutions that fit your specific needs. Our approach is to instil confidence in our clients before recommending them solutions based on our expertise and their requirements.

Whether it’s a one-off project or an ongoing contract, we implement IT strategies that provide us with a complete overview of your business. With this, we will become your go-to IT support company because we understand you. We are changing the face of IT support London because that’s what Gopher does.

Our quoting process

Step 1 – We Learn

One simple discussion is enough to get moving on finding a solution. We provide you with a questionnaire and the answers you provide allow us to get to work.

Step 2 – We Discuss

Discussions always form a part of the process and by talking through your issues, we can gain a clear understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve.

Step 3 – We Carry Out Technical Research

Technical research enables us to learn about your IT infrastructure and the problems you are facing. Every step along the way allows us to gain more about your business needs.

Step 4 – We Provide a Quote

Once we have gained a clear understanding of your business, we will then provide a quote. We’ll meet with managers or directors, allowing us to explain our quote and discuss your requirements at the same time.

You’re in good company

An IT Support Company in London That Puts Your Business First

As a leading IT support provider in London, we are here when you need us. We can implement highly effective solutions that are designed to help your business thrive. From remote support to on-site help, we are here to make a difference.

Choose Gopher and Watch Your Business Flourish

We are committed to ensuring our clients benefit from professional London IT support. Working closely with clients and becoming an extension of your business allows us to deliver solutions that make an impact. If you want your business to grow and evolve then it’s vital that your IT systems are up-to-speed and that’s where we come

Whatever your IT needs might be, we’ll be your Gopher because we can do it all.

Proactive Maintenance

Through the implementation of proactive maintenance, we can ensure your hardware is fit for purpose, helping to avoid issues before they cause your business problems.

Remote Support

Fast-action is imperative in the modern world and that’s why we utilise remote support where possible.

Disaster Recovery

Your data is vital to the day-to-day running of your business. From client data to employee files and more, we can implement disaster recovery solutions that deliver peace of mind.

Managed Backups

Ensuring your data remains safe on a daily or weekly basis, we can ensure that you benefit from managed backup solutions.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a serious consideration for any business but our industry insight and forward-thinking allows us to offer the latest in security solutions.

Managed Connectivity

Keeping your business connected is crucial in ensuring you can continue to operate both efficiently and effectively. We’ll keep you connected and help you to avoid that dreaded downtime.

Microsoft 365

We can help you improve your working practices by helping you with all elements of Microsoft 365. From collaboration to on-demand working, we can make it all happen.

Microsoft Windows

We make sure that your business is always up-to-date and correct to make sure you’re getting the latest security features, like BitLocker

Server Support

Businesses need somewhere to store their data. Whether you’re 100% cloud based, or you have servers on-site, Gopher are here to support them.


We’ll keep all of your software up-to-date and if the developer discontinues them, we’ll help you look for alternatives to help you remain compliant.

Web Hosting

We host our client websites in the United Kingdom on a Global CDN. Using servers equipped with SSDs and the latest Xeon processors, you can be sure we’re up to the task of delivering your website as fast as possible.

We do more

We consider ourselves different from any other IT support company. We work hard to offer the latest support services that give your business the tools to cut through the crowd and get results that have a positive impact.

Let’s grow together

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