Cloud Services

Scale Up

Utilising the Cloud allows you to scale up or down with your business requirements.


Grow Customer Offerings

Using the Cloud gives you a responsive platform to innovate and develop your customer offerings.

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The Cloud allows you to automate repetitive tasks. Free up employee time.

Benefits of using Cloud Services

The Cloud can be quite confusing, there are many different types of Cloud computing services, what they represent and what they offer.

Let Gopher IT Support help you decide on the best solution for your business. With technical experts on hand, we’re ready to support you. Our approach to the Cloud will make sure you’re not over spending, or missing out on key features that can help grow or protect your business.


Enable growth, flexibility, mobility and security of data and compliance.


Avoid the headache of reviewing your IT estate. We’ll take care of all of that for you and manage your Cloud services going forward.


Enable growth, flexibility, mobility and security of data and compliance.

Microsoft 365 & Office 365

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365, so whether your business simply requires licensing and support or wants advice on how best to utilise Microsoft 365 along with best security practices, Gopher is here to help.

We provide our customers with a fully managed Microsoft 365 experience which allows us to modernise your operational IT environment, which in turn allows you focus on your business.

Microsoft 365 was designed as a productivity suite to improve collaboration across your business and as a Microsoft partner, we can ensure you receive the maximum benefits of Microsoft 365 by supporting the platform for you.

We’ll handle everything from advising on which licences you need, to configuring it with the best security practises to migration to training.

Many companies that have focused on the primary workspace being the office have realised that rapid changes to the digital and remote working ‘ecosystem’ has meant that they would benefit by partnering with a Managed Service Provider like Gopher.

When we migrate clients to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 through our professional services, we conduct frequent reviews to the on-going support and maintenance that are required to maintain your IT environment.

Oh so speedy (websites)

Hosting an application in-house doesn’t just mean installing a piece of software on a server and job done. You also need to think about security patches, backups and everything else that comes with maintaing a server.

Enter Virtual Private Servers (VPS), by utilising a VPS, you’re able to fully leverage the power of the cloud. Need to scale up in less than 30 minutes? Easy. Need to make sure that backups are performed every single day? Done. Need a fast internet connection to allow employees to access the service from anywhere in the world? No problem.

By using a VPS, you’re able to save money and time. The only caveat? It still needs to be maintained. That’s where we come in, Gopher IT Support are able to help you migrate and maintain 24/7 to any services you which to host in your own private cloud.

Online Backup and Data Protection

We wrote it in big because it’s important…

Our Online Backup and data protection solution offers broad support functioning with most operating environments and file systems including Windows, Linux and Mac.

We follow the 3-2-1 rule of backups. That’s 3 copies of your data, in 2 locations, with 1 of them off-site.

It works by sending the data from your servers and computers in the office to a secure data centre through an encrypted connection. We’re also able to backup any Office 365 data you have to make sure that in any event, your data is protected and always available.

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