Cyber Security

It is vital to manage the risk of cyber threats and prevent revenue loss and reputational damage. Secure your business with Gopher IT.

Our Cyber Security Service

Cyber security is a huge part of IT. With new threats cropping up every day, you need a partner that you know will take your security seriously.



We’ll audit your network and produce a report that outlines any vulnerabilties we find. This helps both us and you establish a baseline of how secure your network is.


We’ll then produce a plan that works for your business. We’ll make sure that as your business grows, your security doesn’t get left behind.


We’ll then implement the plan and get your business in-line with best security practices.


We’ll then monitor your network for any threats, and in most cases fix issues before they arise arise and your users even notice them.

Feel safe in your own network

We look at every aspect of your network, from on-site security to security around your emails. We’ll make it easy for your staff to detect phishing emails and we’ll make sure your data is safe. Always.

Step up your security game in 3 easy steps

Never worry about cyber attacks again. With our 3 step guidance we’ll make sure your network is secure as possible, and in the unliklely event something does happen, rest assured that we’ll have your backups ready-to-go.

Step 1

Your data should be in 3 different places at all times. 3 copies of your data, in 2 different locations, with one of them off-site.

Step 2

Network monitoring should be standard in any workplace.  It’s important that you know what’s happening so you’re always one step ahead.

Step 3

We make sure that your staff computers are locked down so that they can only do what they need to do.  This prevents them from accidently installing potentially unwanted software.

Outsource your cyber security requirements to an MSP who takes it seriously.

Gopher IT Support has handled our IT needs for around two years now. As we have grown and our needs have got more complex, Gopher have responded fantastically. Not only do they respond quickly to any questions or issues we may have, but they always make us feel like we understand why they are doing what they are doing. In a world where IT is like a foreign language to some of us, having confidence in our IT support provider is not only reassuring, but arguably essential to enable the continued success of our company.

Paul Hutt

CEO, Absolute Accountants

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