Case Study

15 Marketing


15 Marketing

Business Type:

Digital Marketing


Support Contract


September 2021


15 Marketing approached Gopher IT to assist in their efforts to further improve the productivity, security and efficiency in the company. Within the first 3 months, Gopher IT have shown 15 Marketing cost savings of around 52% in their IT spend on top of clearing the back log of support tickets that had built up.


  • Improve security across the network
  • Clear the back log of tickets
  • Manage other technology vendors

The Problem

Prior to Gopher IT, 15 Marketing had multiple IT personnel who had each implemented their own solution of what they thought was best without consulting the client or performing any risk assessment. This led to the company using multiple vendors each blaming each other when things went wrong and the IT spend being more than it should be.

The Solution

Gopher IT became the single point of contact for the client and using our knowledge and experience took management over other IT vendors and “pulled the reigns in”. The first 3 months were spent clearing the back log of user related issues and fixing configuration problems in the current pieces of software that were in use.

Client Reaction

To quote the client: “It’s been a pleasure to work with you guys! To say we are extremely happy is an understatement!”.

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