Passwords… Secure or security illusion?

Jun 13, 2017 | Technology

Are passwords secure, or is it just an illusion of security?

Passwords are a liability for employers and it’s no secret that most people use the same password (or a slight variation of) for absolutely everything. They cost money in employee down-time and put data at risk. So how can you boost your security whilst being able to keep the entire process easy?

Enter biometrics.

Unlike passwords or ID cards, biometrics are extremely hard to steal or copy – and impossible to forget.

It means you can be sure someone is who they claim to be. As techniques to steal or bypass passwords continue to develop, biometrics will protect your business today and in the future.

Relying on passwords to protect your business data is a gamble. Stolen passwords cost companies millions every year. Forgotten passwords can cost organisations tens of thousands of pounds in administration.

Did you know?  39% of malicious cyber attacks are the result of negligence including password theft.

Passwords are dying out, and quicker than you might think.  Phones now have fingerprint readers and have the ability to unlock itself using your face. Laptops have fingerprint readers, eye and face scan functions and palm scanners.  Banks are even using voice recognition to give you access to telephone banking.

Combining passwords and biometrics allows you to create two-factor authentication which in turn gives you an added layer of data protection. Security breaches happen everyday, they increase in both number and cost.

The challenge is to find the easiest but most secure way to protect your data and confirm your identity. In doing that, we are able to find and expand on ways to keep your data secure.

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