5 Reasons to use a Hosted Telephone Service

May 16, 2017 | Technology

BT have announced they will be scraping traditional phone services with the aim to move a new internet based telephone system. So we’ve teamed up with our partners over at connect-it.co to show you some reasons why moving to a hosted telephone service is right for your business.

First, the flexibility – Hosted telephone services are easy to expand and contract. With Hosted telephone services, new lines and additional extensions are simply a matter of turning them on and adding a new handset. No longer is it necessary to order a new line, wait for 3 weeks for installation and then ask the engineers to set everything up. It allows users to work anywhere where there is an internet connection.

Users can simply move their device and simply plug back into the network with no need to change numbers. Remote workers can login from anywhere using an Internet connection, even on their mobiles.

Because your number is no longer tied to any exchange the number remains with the service no matter where located. It is no longer necessary to inform your customer base of a new number and the attrition that causes.

Secondly, you have total scalability – Being limited by the capacity of your existing telephone system will be a thing of the past. Hosted solutions share the capacity of huge network switches. This means customers can scale up & down quickly and easily.

New users can simply be added, reassigned or removed depending on the business’ needs. Because no physical phone line needs installing, businesses can get connected faster.

Third, there’s the future friendly functionality – Hosted telephone services will always be updated to keep up with the latest developments and at no cost to the user. As more features are added they all become available to you. Working seamlessly across multiple devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones you’ll be able to make and receive calls anywhere without fail.

In addition, businesses have access a large range advanced features at a per user level; management control via online portals; integration with complementary services (e.g. CRM systems); enhanced analytics to help businesses understand and manage their staff.

Forth, you make huge savings – Business costs can be reduced significantly compared to PSTN/ISDN services due to lower cost calls, inclusive call packages, free calls between their offices and no more expensive line rental or maintenance charges. Hosted telephone services require minimal investment, usually just the handsets and a suitable router.

You won’t need to make a large infrastructure investment. Taking out a lease, can reduce this initial cost almost zero. Costs remain under control as there are no hidden extras and most of the expected services such as voicemail, caller ID, call transfer call forwarding and on-line control are included as part of the rental

And lastly, higher resiliency – Multiple business continuity plans can be built into the solution, meaning that businesses never need to miss a call or ever be without service.

So if you’re current phone system is holding your business back or you think it’s too expensive.  We would say definitely have a look at a hosted telephone service.

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