The advantages of outsourcing IT

Aug 1, 2018 | News

At Gopher we work with a number of SMEs who choose to outsource their IT to our friendly team as a way of making their own staff so much more effective and able to focus on their very own skill set. However, still, we were intrigued to know what made our lovely clients choose to use a company such as Gopher and so we asked some of our clients some pressing questions, and came up with the following reasons for why an SME might choose to outsource their IT needs.

Lowering operational costs

By working with a company such as Gopher you are able to reduce costs that would be spent on necessary accessories to any staff member including: management oversight, training, health insurance and pension plans to name just a few.

Improving focus

It is simply impossible to be good at everything and so hoping that your new recruit on reception or that Nick the sales guy would be able to look after your IT needs is neither realistic, fair or effective. Having a dedicated IT professional instead allows your staff to focus on the things they are actually good at.

Reduce Risk

In this day and age having a secure and safe IT infrastructure is not only essential, but a legal requirement. Making sure that not only your data, but also the data of your clients, is safe can only be achieved through the introduction of some IT professionals who are able to keep your computer safe from cyber theft, fraud or crime.

You don’t know till you know…

Computers are a beautiful thing when everything is going well. However, it only takes that one moment when your systems are down or your processes are failing to realise just how desperately you need some experienced, professional help who can help you to avoid losing too much down time during emergency periods.


IT professionals may well have access to discounts that you cannot access and make your expenses that bit lower. Every penny helps.

However, at Gopher we are fair and balanced individuals, so we also asked our clients the reasons they might choose not to go with a professional IT company which includes:

  1. Relationship: Having a strong relationship with your IT professional is tremendously important to make sure you get the most out of your outsourced team.
  2. Getting locked in: It is important to make sure your IT team don’t lock you in unnecessarily as this can limit flexibility, make sure to read the contract fully before signing into anything without gaining some real advantages.
  3. Employee morale may be affected: This is especially true if you lay off staff in order to outsource the role.

Really as in all outsourced roles the most important thing, is that it is integral to communicate effectively and responsibly with your IT provider and have clear expectations and deadlines in place. Making it fruitful for your team

If you would like to learn more about outsourcing your IT please feel free to give our team a call on 0330 223 1391 or drop us an email on

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