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A better way?

Managing all of the different services through various suppliers can get complicated, not to mention expensive. Just when you’re on top of everything, a new update or security scare needs to be prioritised.

When something breaks or needs updating you either need to pay for a repair or finance new equipment, meaning less budget for other IT projects, which can be particularly tough for small businesses with limited resources.

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Having to contact a different provider for your IT, phone, internet, and printers is a hassle and time consuming. And when something goes wrong it all gets messy; ‘Supplier A’ blames ‘Supplier B’, who in turn blames ‘Supplier C’. Sound familiar…

Surely it could be more straight-forward… With a Managed Service Provider (MSP) it can be.

Microsoft Dynamics

Do you need a managed service provider?

At Gopher we work with a number of SMEs who choose to outsource their IT to our friendly team as a way of making their own staff so much more effective and able to focus on their own skill set. 

IT Support Challenges facing SMEs


Hardware, Software & Firmware Issues
New devices, software, and updates can cause issues that interrupt work.

Monitoring if it’s safe to update is a mammoth task – but it’s what we do.

Software conflicts
Some software can’t run when other software programs are installed, but what if you need to use both? We deploy the tools that ensure you will always have access to the software you need.
Data recovery
Damaged devices can often hold the only copy of sensitive or important data. We can help recovering data that may otherwise be lost.
Website & Server issues often go unnoticed

Every week numerous vulnerabilities are discovered that affect systems used by millions of websites around the globe.

Checking to see if you’re protected can often be difficult, but we make sure that you are.

Limited ability to support mobile devices
Many software applications have inherent compatibility or security issues that impair their running natively on mobile devices.

This can negatively impact your employees’ ability to work when away from the office. Our service makes sure that employees’ mobile devices can run every program your business needs for its successful operation.

Poor software performance is often never resolved
We believe you should be able to log an issue within minutes and have immediate access to an audit trail that detail the action taken
Reducing Capital Expenditure
A large IT team requires significant investment in both salaries and equipment. Companies often look to IT first when trying to cut costs, which in the long term can impair overall performance, especially as today’s employees want easy, collaborative work options that require up-to-date devices. Our tax efficient leasing and support plans ensure your company always has the latest technology backed up by expert IT support.
Enabling effective Team Working
Today’s employees want easy collaborative working options, but these pose security risks.

We have developed systems that will allow your employees to safely collaborate whenever and wherever they need to.


Maintenance can conflict with users’ working patterns

No business would want its employees to experience a major windows update at 9am on a Monday morning. 

Ensuring updates and security patches are performed is critical. We ensure that necessary maintenance is performed with intruding on employees. 

Mobile and remote workers are often difficult to support

Some legacy systems, like intranets, were designed before laptops & phones were in widespread use.

How you support remote workers, and how they get the support they need can often be a resource drain.

Best endeavours support with foggy accountability

When knowledgeable people are nominated as the office IT go-to person, on top of their other responsibilities, structure and policy is often ignored.

This can mean that when things go wrong it is often difficult to determine a cause and take appropriate action to prevent a repeat of the incident in the future. As a result, issues can accumulate until critical systems and the whole company is affected.

Growing backlog of issues

Maintaining IT systems and resolving issues is often considered a lower priority than other, seemingly more revenue related business functions.

However, nothing can negatively affect revenue as much as when critical systems and consequently the whole company is affected. 

Dedicated specialists increase staff costs

Hiring permanent employees to fulfil IT functions will incur a significant increase in admin and fixed costs. It also creates logistics issues, such as what happens when the IT person is on holiday or has taken ill?

Outsourcing your IT removes all logistical issues whilst delivering expert, immediate support at competitive prices. 

Self-Service support can be inefficient

If your primary interest isn’t IT, then figuring out what’s going wrong can be very hard.

Handing over to an experienced IT professional removes the issues from the user & allows for faster resolution. 

Single points of expertise

A single point of expertise becomes a single point of failure when they’re away or unavailable and should be avoided.


Inaccurate or missing documentation

A poor knowledge base leads people down the wrong track, meaning they waste time & resources. 

Employee turnover leads to loss of critical information

Workflows become inefficient when information isn’t stored in easily accessible locations. This can frustrate employees’ attempts to collaborate. But investing in scalable system architecture is very expensive. A private, outsourced cloud network with dedicated IT support permits businesses to set fixed budgets and avoid unexpected and costly surprises.

Support staff knowledge lags behind the speed of technology adoption

New technology is often underutilised due to a lack of knowledge on how to make the most of its functionality. We can provide the support and training to ensure your employees are up to speed on the capabilities of your tech.

Lack of resources to support BYOD

Employers today often encourage their employees to bring their own devices to work (BYOD). This practice encourages uninterrupted work habits and greater efficiencies. However, without seamless integration of employee’s devices with their companies’ legacy systems the potential for enhanced functionality will be lost.

Missing IT Support Management Info

Are you fixing the symptoms or the causes of an issue? And can you accurately map the data of an issue? 

Predicting IT costs

Every business wants fixed and stable costs. By outsourcing your IT requirements, you can achieve this and avoid unexpected demands on your budget.

Our approach to IT Support

Care & Maintain

Preventative maintenance means fixing root causes early before users experience the symptoms.


Microsoft Windows Management


iOS & Android Management


Server Management


Network Management


Internet Access Management


Peripheral Management


BYOD Management


Office 365 Management


Domain Management


Website Hosting


Other SaaS Management

Alert & Resolve

Prioritise important issues for immediate action whilst bundling lower priority niggles to a time that suits.


IT Helpdesk


Remote Access issue resolution


On-Premises issue resolution


Network Operations Centre


Service Level Agreements


24x7 real-time device health reporting


Disaster & Data recovery services


Asset Discovery & Management


Out of Hours issue resolution

Understand & Avoid

Identify systemic issues that keep causing problems and lower the burden on users for Steps 1 and 2.


Hardware Upgrades


Software Licensing


Software and Firmware upgrades


Quarterly IT Checkup


Ticket Analysis to identify repeating issues


Professional documentation of your IT Estate


Supplement your existing IT staff


Onboarding and offboarding for your staff

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