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Improve operational efficiency through digital transformation

Throughout the past decade, recruitment firms that have kept a finger on the pulse of technology have gained a real competitive edge. The sector has gained greater efficiency and thrived as a result of shifting from paper based processes to digital workloads – firms that embrace the latest recruitment technology and adopt cutting-edge cloud and connectivity solutions have the power to become future-proof.

IT is expected to do more than deliver high-speed connectivity. Recruitment firms require IT systems that provide secure storage solutions for sensitive client information, guarantee business continuity, allow for seamless mobility and are robust enough to uphold big data initiatives, CV screening software, video interviews and job portals – both in-house and remotely.


Only 29% of recruitment companies have considered improving core processes through technology.


85% of people in the UK own a smart phone and use it to do everything from online banking to job searching.

Recruitment Challenges

Consider the challenges in recruitment from 4 perspectives.

Customer experience

How do you assist your customers? Combining analytics with business driven solutions can help your customers grow.


Trust and compliance

How do you inspire confidence in potential clients?  How do you become a business they can trust?

Staff satisfaction

Are staff displeased with the current level of productivity?  What measures are there in place to help boost morale and improve productivity?

Operational excellence

With more and more tasks being automated, can your business keep up with consumer demand for urgency at every step?

What our clients say about us

We’ve been using Gopher IT for almost two years now. We have worked with a number of IT specialists over the years but have never come across one that is as efficient, knowledgeable and friendly as the team at Gopher IT. The team have a “can do” attitude, never leave us in the lurch and always resolve any issue we have, big or small. Can’t recommend Gopher IT enough!!

Sunny Dehiri – Device Charger


Key services for our Recruitment clients.


Cyber security

Protect vital services and confidential information from unwarranted attacks.


Bring teams together and improve productivity by implementing services such as gamification.

Big data in recruitment

Analyse large amounts of data in real-time and be able to improve your services on the fly to both candidates and clients.

Cloud in recruitment

Enabling recruitment organisations to limit the costs and at the same time, improve the quality of service and candidate/client satisfaction.

How can we help you?

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Global Recruitment

What innovations will there be in the recruitment sector over the coming years?

Technological advances are gaining around the world of recruitment.  Connected devices, next-generation AI and instant data are just some of the topics that will be apart of the recruitment industry of tomorrow.  Gopher provides cloud, cyber security and data solutions for the recruitment industry. 

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