Real Estate

Real estate agents often face unique challenges that aren’t present for business people in other industries.

Real estate offices need to be able to keep in touch with agents on the road. Today that means a lot more than simply being able to put a call through.

Being able to access listings remotely, to contact clients via multiple technologies and being able to get support when they’re away from the office can help estate agents to bring in the commissions and keep their offices going strong.


Real estate contributes £94bn to the UK economy – 5.4% of GDP.

Real Estate Challenges

We understand that you strive to provide the best service for your customers. Your IT systems should be there to help you, not hinder you.

Customer experience

How do you assist your buyers and sellers? Having real time solutions can help your business grow.


Trust and compliance

How do you inspire confidence in potential clients?  How do you become a agency they can trust?

Staff satisfaction

Are staff displeased with the current level of productivity?  What measures are there in place to help boost morale and improve productivity?

Operational excellence

With more and more tasks being automated, can your business keep up with consumer demand for urgency at every step?

What our clients say about us

Gopher IT Support has handled our IT needs for around two years now. As we have grown and our needs have got more complex, Gopher have responded fantastically. Not only do they respond quickly to any questions or issues we may have, but they always make us feel like we understand why they are doing what they are doing. In a world where IT is like a foreign language to some of us, having confidence in our IT support provider is not only reassuring, but arguably essential to enable the continued success of our company.

Paul Hutt – Absolute Accountants


Key services for our Real Estate clients.


Cyber security

Protect vital services and confidential information from unwarranted attacks.


Bring teams together and improve productivity to help your staff help clients quicker.


By having daily off-site backups, you can be sure no matter what happens, you’ll always be able to recover your data.

Cloud in real estate

Enabling your agency to access technologies which limit costs and at the same time, improve the quality of service and client satisfaction.

How can we help you?

Get in touch with us today and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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