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Investing in a faster broadband Internet service is nearly always the right choice for businesses of any size – whether you have one employee or a thousand.

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Benefits of high speed connectivity

  • Service level agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are agreements between your business and your high speed internet provider about what services are guaranteed and what happens when that guarantee is not met. For example, an SLA may specify things like a certain level of up-time or a certain response time for repairs. The SLA states what your compensation will be if the provider fails to meet these guarantees. The SLA that comes with high speed internet for business is your assurance that problems will be minimal, and that they will be addressed quickly when they arise.

  • A dedicated connection

Dedicated internet access is a direct connection to the internet service provider you use. With residential and some small business internet services you share a connection (which may be oversubscribed and prone to bog down), with a dedicated connection, you don’t share and don’t have to worry about oversubscribed networks. This is a major benefit because you don’t have to worry about an internet traffic bottleneck slowing down your connection at critical times.

  • A better connection for communictions

High speed internet for business provides the level of bandwidth, symmetric connectivity, a dedicated connection, and a static IP address that make the best foundation for an advanced telecommunications system like a cloud business phone system. Today’s best business phone systems are cloud hosted and offer features like conferencing capabilities and mobile integration that work best when they’re supported by a high quality high speed business internet connection. With outstanding high speed internet for business, you’ll have no trouble running the cloud apps that power business processes, collaborating, sharing files, and using all the features of your telecommunications system.

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