Business Internet

What is Business Internet?

Business internet or a dedicated / leased line is different from your standard internet service. A standard internet service means you’re sharing your connection to you local exchange with other businesses, or if you’re in a residential area, then potentially other households. It means your internet is at the mercy of others in your area.

Your business needs a fast and secure internet connection, it needs a leased line. You emails, data, backups, video calls and phone system rely on your internet. It’s a vital part of your business.

At Gopher, we understand this. We’ll look to see what your current and future needs are and make sure your internet connection is right for you and that you’re always able to service your clients.

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection. It is the fastest, most secure and most reliable data connection option available to businesses today. It is a dedicated telecommunications circuit from your business to the carriers’ or the providers’ network. Unlike with a shared or contended broadband connection, the full bandwidth on a leased line is always available to just your business and it assures a consistently high quality connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a leased line and how does it work?
A leased line connection is a rented, dedicated, and fixed-bandwidth data connection network. A major benefit of using a leased line internet connection is its exclusivity. This means there is no interference from other users on the bandwidth. Through a leased line, two remote locations are linked together. The connection is established through a fiber optic cable laid permanently. Such lines are ideal for corporate offices wherein one of the company’s offices is linked to the other through this leased line.

Businesses mainly prefer this option over the broadband connection as it enables seamless connection of computers and servers across offices and even makes it possible for employees to access their office computers from the comfort of their home. Leased lines are more dedicated and provide better connectivity options in comparison to broadband.

Why is a leased line more expensive than a broadband line?
A leased line is more secure and reliable when compared to a broadband connection. If you are a customer-centric company, then it is always a safe option to go for leased lines. A broadband connection has multiple users in between, which can severely affect its popularity. On the other hand, a leased line doesn’t comprise multiple people in a single network. This is the reason why an internet-based leased line is more secure.

Another reason why businesses are opting for leased line connections is customisation. As per your needs and preferences, you can customise every aspect of the connection. For instance, you can fortify the connection with multiple modes of authentication protocols and security measures. You can also install VPN services to facilitate a seamless connection between your team members and stakeholders. Also, leased lines contain various layers of firewalls that protect your business from cyber-attacks.

What speed does a leased line offer? What are the monthly charge?
Your personal internet connection, even if it is broadband such as ADSL or cable & it is considered to be a shared access line. That is, multiple people in your neighborhood use the same internet line to access the internet. For your home, when small differences in speed during peak hours are not a big issue, shared lines are suitable. In a business environment things are a lot different.

Businesses cannot afford to have changes in speed and performance throughout the day based on how many users are accessing a data line at the same time. That is why many businesses choose to use what is known as a dedicated leased line for their communication needs.

As the name suggests, a dedicated leased line is a leased line that is made specifically available for SME business or Large scale company. Unlike a shared line where there are multiple users using the same data connection, a dedicated leased line is only available to be used by the company that is leasing the line. That ensures that there are no changes in performance and speed throughout the day when more users are accessing outside shared lines. You may hear the number of clients using the same connection referred to as the lines “Contention Ratio”.

There are typically different options available for dedicated leased lines, and the cost per month will fluctuate depending on how much data is going to be consumed by business employees. A small travel agency with just 20 employees, for example, may not require as much performance as a large IT firm that has hundreds of employees. Prices for leased lines are usually given as monthly rates and are typically determined by the line’s performance capabilities, support, and reliability. There may be additional costs such as installation and maintenance as well.