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Smart Cover


Smart Cover

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Server Cabinet Tidy Up


May 2021

Case Study


Smart Cover engaged with Gopher after an internet outage brought their company to a standstill. Gopher were able to arrange a site visit within the same hour and had an engineer there who was able to resolve their problem swiftly.

Smart Cover then engaged Gopher IT on a support contract and to carry out projects, one of which was the Server Cabinet Tidy Up.


  • Upgrade legacy equipment with enterprise-grade hardware
  • Set up new server rack and make presentable

The Problem

The server cabinet at Smart Cover whilst functional was unpresentable and contained legacy equipment.

The Solution

Gopher arranged for the procurement of new hardware to replace the legacy equipment and new server rack to house all the new equipment in. With the exception of the patch panels, everything else was new.

The work was carried out on a Sunday as to not cause downtime within the business.

Client Reaction

The client was extremely happy with the work carried out and have already engaged Gopher IT for the second project and a support contract.

Project Gallery


Server Cabinet Before

After – Day Time

Server Cabinet After Light

After – Night Time

Server Cabinet After Dark

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