Advisory Services

Building upon our years of experience providing CTO & IT Manager services to SMEs, we offer a virtual IT Director and CTO services to help your business excel.

Our Advisory Services

Advisory services are a great way for businesses to be able to tap into the skills and knowledge of an experienced IT Director or CTO, without having to commit to a salary, which can typically range from £60 – £150k annually.

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IT Director / CTO Services

An IT Director / Chief Technology Officer is a role which can have many connotations. We offer CTO services in all shapes and sizes.

Infrastructure Guru – Charged with making sure your day-to-day business operations are able to run seamlessly on top of your IT platform, whether it be in-house or cloud based.

Technology Innovator – Charged with finding new ways to save costs and drive efficiencies from your technology investment, helping your bottom line.

Application Strategist – Charged with overseeing the organisations App Architecture and its strategic development roadmaps.

Business Visionary – Charged with finding new ways of leveraging your existing technology investment to either optimise your business processes or differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Big Problem Solver – As part of the management team, they can bring people together to solve some of the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow. 

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